Vegas Downtown Blackjack

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Vegas Downtown Blackjack is a user-friendly version of the game that focuses on the type of blackjack one might encounter in downtown LA, which is a bit different than what you’d see on the strip. The player can play only one hand at a time, although it can be split. The layout is straightforward, well designed and recommended for beginners. The play setting looks like a standard blackjack table. The bets and rules are described at the top left-hand side of the screen and go up to 1000 per round. Players can participate either for fun or with real money. The beginning balance for a fun round is 100,000, which is quite generous. The goal, as with all blackjack games, is to get as close to 21 or hit blackjack against the dealer without going over, or ‘busting’. The cards are dealt from the top right and the chips are on the bottom left. The game has a soundtrack of a Vegas casino; people chatting in the background, glasses clinking and smooth jazz set the mood, while a female voice with a British accent announces bets and losses, saying, “Blackjack” when players have won with an audible smile in her voice.
The game allows for up to three splits, which means playing four hands at once. Should you hit a blackjack, you beat the dealer’s blackjack. However, the dealer can beat you on a tie in this game. The players can double down on any two cards, but this should be done only when your hand is below 14, because the next card is more likely to get you a ‘bust.’
Special Features
The difference between regular blackjack and Vegas downtown blackjack is that the dealer will stand on a hard 17 but hits on a soft 17, which is similar to the kind of game you would find in downtown Las Vegas, hence the title of the game.
Another outstanding feature is that the game is played with two decks of cards instead of one. Should the dealer hit an ace or a card with the value of 10, which includes name cards as well, the dealer checks for a potential win and the player has the option of buying insurance compensation out of their balance to protect themselves in case of the dealer’s win. The Blackjack will garner wins with a ratio of 3:2, while insurance will pay out 2:1. All in all, a recommended game for those starting out.

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